Discover The "Breakfast Trick" I Used to Melt Away 88 lbs And Change My Life!!!!!!!!!

…WITHOUT giving up any of my favorite salty snacks or desserts!


This is what I used to look like.

Written by: Judy R. 53 from Akron, Ohio

For years a part of me resented my daughter for wrecking my waistline.

I know that sounds terrible, and I love my daughter more than anything...but the flab around my middle stuck around for almost THREE DECADES after she was born.

I tried spending countless hours in the gym. Can I just add here that I HATE the gym? I began to cut out every single food that tasted good. I tried every weight-loss program you can think of...but I failed to lose my flab with all of them.

Did the enormous stress of work, my family, trying to be the perfect wife-, and just plain daily life help? Heck no! I felt defeated every morning when I looked in that mirror, hoping to see the gym bunny (HA HA!) but instead, I just saw... the same old me.

It's no wonder intimacy with my husband vanished and I caught him staring at younger women...after everything I did for him and our family!

I was trying to be perfect for everyone...only to look into the mirror and realize there was nothing perfect about me.

I was tired, dumpy, frumpy, and angry all the time...and that's when I knew something needed to change. I couldn't be this person anymore.

And not only that, it had to be something realistic to my hectic schedule. I couldn't just waive a wand and add more hours to the day...so I scoured the internet looking for something faster and easier. There had to be something that would work for me!

Then one day I had my "OMG! moment" when a friend shared an Instagram with me. The post was about the content creator's mom, and the incredible results she had using a "Breakfast Trick". I was hesitant to try it-, but with my health the way it was, I decided to make that leap...Thank God I did!!!


At 53, The improved 2.0 me!!!

Turns out, my issues had NOTHING to do with diet, genetics, or exercise. Most people have heard how great fasting and intermittent fasting is.

I don't have to do that using this "Breakfast Trick"! It simply tricks your brain into thinking that you are fasting by commanding every fat cell in your body to let go-- yes really!

Now, after three decades of being stuck at 220, I'm proudly back to 132 and couldn't be happier! I even shared this "Breakfast Trick" with my daughter...and she was able to bounce back from her last pregnancy in less than a year!

Oh, and my husband now can't keep his eyes (or hands)off me! I could say more about the new us...but I won't. 🤗

Please, check out the video below to discover for yourself how this "Breakfast Trick" works. It might just be the perfect thing for you…but you won’t know until you try it!

Supporting your journey back to health,

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